ELOS (Emergency Lift Operating System)

  • Main Elos
  • Solar Elos
  • Jerkless Elos


  • DSP based technology
  • DC reverse polarity and battery deep discharge protection, etc.
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Design
  • An optional advanced remote monitoring software.
  • High performance, long life and energy efficient solution

To Server you in the field of power electronics and green solution

Innovative Backup Systems

ARD(Automatic Rescue Devices):

  • Lift UPS – 1 Phase
  • Lift UPS – 2 Phase
  • Lift UPS – 3 Phase
  • Single Speed Lift ARD – 3 Phase
  • Jerkless ARD


  • Power factor is unity (running cost goes down by 20%)
  • Efficiency in online UPS Poor (Approximate 10% savings on running cost)
  • Shutdown of system only at floor level
  • Can work with any lift, ARD mode relay provided
  • Optional remote fault monitoring for BMS (Building Management System)

Freedom from Power Disruption