Research and Development

Premium Products Full Touch COP

  • Suitable for High rise buildings
  • Wall mount full touch COP
  • Image and Video play.
  • Access videos from USB drive
  • External Access Control (Optional)
  • Can be provided as Floor indicator and media player.
  • Can be accompanied with same display as Signage system.

Remote Lift management Systems

  • Customer Management
    Register customers, manage lifts and end users.
  • End-user management
    Register end user’s against the customer account.
  • Lift Management
    Register lifts against the customer. You can store and view all parameters related to lift along with the Images.
  • Call Management / Operator’s dashboard
    Receive and manage calls via the operations dashboard. The call can be received over Telephone, using user app and self-generated calls like AMC.
  • AMC Management
    Manage the AMC, AMC service calls and related dashboard and reports.
  • Technician Management
    Manage your technicians against each branch via the Technician App.

Elevator Monitoring System

  • Comprehensive monitoring of elevator and operation
  • Easy remote configuration and management of equipment
  • A wide range of operational data in real time
  • Improved security and control

Glass COP / LOP


This is upcoming Premium product range of Inditech Serial LOP/COP called is ‘Glass LOP and COP’


  • Premium Look,
  • Scratch proof

Glass Facia:

  • Good for designer / bungalow cabins

Technical Specification:

  • Serial System,
  • Easy Installation,
    • Safe and Convenient,
    • Smooth functioning,
    • Reliable and Efficient,
  • 12V and 24V Input Supply

External Multi-access System

This one is External Access control system with RFID and Biometric together. For Serial control panel this offers Floor based access control for every individual. One person can get multiple selected floor access too.

This comes with android app for easy configuration.

For Parallel Control Panel, this offered as single short contact. This provides access to all the floors for any valid user.

This also offered as ONLY RFID or ONLY BIOMETRIC access control device.


  • Easy Installation
  • Selective Floor Access
  • Remote access through Mob App
  • Easy registration process
  • Device password change facility for additional protection.

Technical Specification:

  • Fingerprint Limit of 500
  • 500 RFID Cards limit
  • Floor wise short contact in parallel system
  • Bypass link provision
  • Common floor, 16 floor and 32 floor configuration modes
  • 24V Input supply
  • Easy configuration update

Reco Wall Slim Serial


This is new Premium product range of Inditech Serial LOP/COP that is Reco Wall Slim LOP and COP


  • Slim LOP 12 mm
  • Mirror finished frame

Technical Specification:

  • Serial System
  • Easy Installation
  • Safe and Convenient
  • Smooth functioning
  • Reliable and Efficient
  • 12V and 24V Input Supply
  • Full Black, Full white and Full AiriFecia