ARD stands for Automatic Rescue Device, is an advanced rescue system used for rescuing passengers trapped in an elevator in case power failure.

ARD is safely used to save the passengers to the nearest floor within minutes of power failure and give instant relief to the passengers

  • Capacity 5Hp to 30Hp.
  • Pure sine wave 2 phase and 1phase output
  • 16 bit microcontroller based.
  • 16*2 LCD.
  • Various Diagnostic messages.
  • Compact and rugged design.
  • The ARD board is not powered by mains instead it operates from the batteries all the time, so the board is not susceptible mains related noise / transients or fluctuations.
  • The use of DC to DC converter gives two advantages
    • Efficiency
    • Good transient response time
  • Intelligent battery charging algorithm
  • Battery capacity is programmable thereby the same ARD can be used with higher battery ratings if the need be. Charging profile automatically gets set as per the battery capacity entered. This feature may be particularly important when you need a higher travel length for ARD operation.
  • Intelligent current monitoring cuts short the unnecessary battery drain and thereby giving more battery life. And also the chances of people using the lift in ARD mode gets reduced.
  • One more advantage is that the battery charging time also gets reduced as the battery is discharged only to the correct level.
  • This also helps in improving back to back operation of ARD.
  • Phase sequence detection can be disabled. This feature is particularly very important for V3F based lifts. Reduces site calls of changing the phase sequence.
  • Phase sequence indicator available
  • The ARD board can generate an instant Audio for user comfort.
    Built in timers.
  • Charge discharge cycles counter for battery and operations monitoring
  • ARD run hour meter
  • CANBUS or RS485 interface available as per requirement
  • We have a feature rich and sturdy ARD. It can be made suitable for your requirement as we have done with some other OEMs.