What is Modernization?

Modernization of lifts is necessary for all high rise building whether they are commercial or residential. It helps in better Safety Standards with innovation of new technology, it gives numerous additional features in the lift such as advance preopening, direct landing, different types of displays etc.

Inditech Systems Modernization Solutions:

  • Complete Electrical Solutions
  • Increased Performance & Efficiency
  • Latest Safety Solutions
  • On-Time Service Support
  • Boost The Reliability
  • Improved User Experience
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Why Modernization?

  • Modernization might not increase the speed of elevators, but it can increase their efficiency.
  • Modernization can also increase the performance of the elevator.
  • Modernization is more comfortable for a group of passengers.
  • Modern elevators can have improved acceleration and deceleration rates, and doors can open and close faster.
  • Modernization can also make elevators more energy-efficient and reduce energy costs.
  • Modernization can reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the machine room cool.
  • Elevator modernization can reduce electromagnetic noise.
  • Elevator modernization can affect electrical performance. An older generator might not be compatible with a new solid-state drive because drives do not tolerate variations in power quality well.