Lift Control Panel


  • Serial CANBUS panels
  • 32 bit microcontroller based design
  • Robust and extremely reliable operation.
  • 4 Wire serial CANBUS interface for LOPs/COP.
  • User friendly diagnostic indications.
  • Built in Fault Diagnosis
  • Protected and isolated inputs and outputs.
  • Reliable and detachable connectors.
  • Multifunctional logic selectable on site.

Lift Safeties Covered

  • Main Safety (Extreme and Over speed)
  • Terminal Safety
  • Door Safety
  • Terminal forced slow down safety
  • Drive Fault
  • Cartop Emergency Stop
  • Pit Safety
  • Single Phasing Safety Preventor


  • Timing logic is site settable
  • Star Delta converter based design
  • Overload current protection
  • Supports valve logic for 2 , 3 or 4 valves
  • Available coil voltages : 12V,24V,48V,60V,110V and 230Vac
  • PTC input for hydraulic pack protection
  • Built in ARD operation by connecting a simple UPS
  • Built in Auto re levelling in both the directions.
  • No power cutoff if not in use for long period

A900/M900 Parallel Control Panel

Specification :

Support to
  • Auto Door, Manual Door
  • Half Collective G+7, Full Collective G+4

Key Features :

  • Same controller for V3F, 2 SPEED, HYDRAULIC.
  • Same Control Card And Control panel use for Auto door and Manual door.
  • Locking facility available EMC protection point of view.
  • Calling and indication in single wire then we achieve avoid 16 wires in harness.
  • High quality contractor used for Electrical protection with interlocking.
  • All system parameter can be set and Displays all the parameters.
  • All inputs are Opto-isolated and available in 24V/12V DC.
  • Inbuilt Audio system.
  • Inbuilt floor segment settable.
  • Two Reed input logic.
  • Lift run from control panel using on board maintenance switch.

Special Features Only with Inditech :

  • On controller board SPP with phase sequence check. No need to external SPP for hydraulic panel.
  • On Board SPP with auto phase change over detect and changed it without drive error. No need to use external auto phase change over in traction panel.